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Listen: NPR’s Morning Edition talks with Josephine Grey, an Alexander Teacher in San Francisco.

Oprah magazine hails the Alexander Technique as “a dramatic cure”.

Read a short article from the Huffington Post about how combining practices like Alexander Technique can help ease back pain.

Read an article from John Hopkins explaining how Alexander Technique can be used as an alternative therapy for chronic back pain.

Read a short article from the Wall Street Journal on how to improve your public speaking.

Recommended Reading

The Alexander Technique by Jeremy Chance

Body Learning:  An Introduction to the Alexander Technique by Michael Gelb

Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique< by Pedro De Alcantara

The Actor And The Alexander Technique by Kelly McEvenue

To read a very clear, well thought out introduction to The Alexander Technique and about the experience of a first lesson, read the first chapter here.


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