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Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes Alexander Technique Lessons ?

Performers, athletes, public speakers, computer users, stylists, make-up artists, tattoo artists, painters, construction workers, landscapers, surgeons, patients experiencing chronic pain, repetitive strain, anxiety, and/or depression, children with learning disabilities, women who are experiencing discomfort during pregnancy, and anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their everyday lives.

How Long is a Lesson ?

Lessons are 40-50 minutes long and are generally booked on the hour. Shorter or longer sessions are available upon request.

What Do I Wear ?

Loose, comfortable clothing is preferred, although after the first lesson students will often bring in “props” such as a pair of high heels that cause pain or feel restrictive.

Is There a Class I Can Take ?

We offer two different classes based on interest and availability:

MAKE AN IMPRESSION – Learn how to move, use your body effortlessly and look GREAT doing it. This is a four week course for women who want to feel good in their bodies, attain poise, and feel confident in high heeled shoes.

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE FOR PERFORMERS – This is a seven week course where students explore basic principles of the Alexander Technique in a group setting. Though designed for performers, anyone with an interest in learning to undo bad habits and experience living with less stress and tension is welcome.

If you are interested in taking our group class please sign up for our mailing list or call us at (424)259-2545. Be sure to let us know which course interests you.

From time to time we also offer free workshops to the general public. We would also be happy to bring a workshop to your business or school for the benefit of your employees or students.

Will I Notice a Change Right Away ?

Yes! Most people report experiencing a sense of lightness and freedom by the end of the first lesson. With continual work with a teacher, new skills are learned. A course of 10-30 lessons is recommended to the student who wishes to apply the principles to their daily lives without the help of a teacher. Often, and just like the student who takes up an instrument or practices Pilates or Yoga, it is not uncommon for students to continue taking lessons indefinitely.

Is This Like Yoga or Massage ?

No. In a lesson you will not be asked to perform a series of physical exercises, and though we do use a massage table for part of the lesson, there is no therapy or manipulation.

I sit at a compiter all day and experience pain, can Alexander Technique help me ?

Yes! Many computer users find relief from back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and repetitive strain injuries with this technique. In fact, they learn to sit in any chair comfortably. Request a free phone consultation to find out how.

Is Alexander Technique recognized by the Medical Community ?

Yes. Doctors recommend it for patients experiencing chronic pain or wish to enhance their general well-being. There have been several recent medical studies of note, including the British Medical Journal’s back pain study, and the newest research regarding the Alexander Technique and Parkinson’s disease. Your doctor may not yet know about the Alexander Technique. We will be happy to provide you and your physicians with any information you request.

Why is it called the Alexander Technique ?

F.M. Alexander (1869 – 1955) was a young, successful Australian actor who was facing a terrible problem: he was loosing his voice. He went to doctors but they couldn’t offer an explanation. In an attempt to save his career, Alexander spent years studying himself in a mirror and made some profound discoveries regarding the mind-body connection, and how sometimes all the effort we put into ‘trying to get it right’ sends us oh-so-very wrong.

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