Learn to become your most authentic and confident self

You’ve taken classes, learned your craft.You’ve done your homework, and know you have the talent and the drive required to book the job.But time and again it slips through your fingers. So what’s stopping you from being the performer you want to be? Casting directors say that they are not so much interested in a “look” as they are in seeing a dynamic, poised, engaging and present actor walk into their office. So when the pressure’s on, how do you learn to become the most authentic and confident YOU you can be?

The Alexander Technique gives performers the tools they need to become their most authentic selves.Students of this technique learn a practical approach to not only become more comfortable in auditions, but to learn to alleviate performance anxiety once they’ve booked the job so that they naturally experience more authenticity in their work.Suddenly performers are at ease and more comfortable in their bodies.

Most importantly, this work runs seamlessly under every acting technique and style. No matter where you train, this work will help you achieve your most authentic and dynamic performance.

With lessons in the Alexander Technique, you will find your training and instincts more available to you. You’ll learn how to stay free and flexible, how to remain poised and well-balanced during an audition, meeting with an agent, or even during a networking event.

The Alexander Technique is the Industry’s best kept secret.

In fact, nearly every distinguished acting/music program includes courses in The Alexander Technique including:

The Juilliard School of Performing Arts
The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)
Berklee College of Music
NYU (Tisch School of the Arts)
Harvard University
Yale University
The Old Globe, San Diego
Oxford School of Drama
University of Southern California (USC)
…. And many more!

Los Angeles based schools offering courses in the Alexander Technique include:

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio
Howard Fine Studio
Stella Adler- Los Angeles
American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Become the performer you want to be.

Sign up for a 8-week introductory course taught by nationally certified teachers Nick George and Jennifer Schulz and find out how.

Next class starts: TBA 2022

The Alexander Technique Institute— Los Angeles
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And we will be offering FREE introductory sessions as soon as we are back, so you can see what the Alexander Technique is all about!

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Space is limited to 12 participants for the 8 week session. Everyone will get hands-on work each class.