Balance, Presence & Poise

Balance: It’s not just the act of remaining upright and stable. Life is all about maintaining healthy states of Balance. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t until we find either ourselves or our lives in a state of extreme imbalance that we start to notice, and by then there is little we can do to but brace ourselves for impact. Alexander Technique helps you to not only become more aware of yourself physically, so that you remain in balance in any and every activity, aiding in injury prevention and recovery, but it also teaches you to become more aware of how you relate to people, objects, and your habitual thought patterns. With the help of the Alexander Technique, you will begin giving yourself space between your emotional states and how you choose to react to them in the situation at hand. You will naturally begin to cultivate an awareness of how you move through your life.

Presence: When most people think about someone with Presence, they imagine power, grace, personality, self-assurance. But I define Presence by the word Present. Being in the here and now. It is the You in this moment. Presence is allowing all the chatter in your brain about what has been and what will be to grow a little quieter. Presence is about relating to the space and people around you with your full attention. Alexander Technique is a great teacher of Presence because it demands that you remain in the here and now with your full attention on the task at hand, whether you are chopping carrots, cold reading for an important audition, watching your child’s soccer game, or interviewing for a promotion.

Poise: Composure, freedom from affectation, ease, grace. Poise and posture go hand in hand, but a deeper understanding of Poise has to do with how you relate to the world and the uncertainty that most certainly comes with living. Anyone can learn to maintain Poise in the face of stress, pressure, anxiety, catastrophe, injury, or chronic pain.